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Basic information about the police station in Milovice

The police station in Milovice has been founded on the basis of the public notice n. 1/2009. In March 2009 first four police constables were engaged. Since then the number of police officers reached the number of 13 including the commander - in - chief. The number of 13 police officers was reached in March 2010.

Nowadays the police station in Milovice has no more free working position. All the officers have valid licences. The police station owns one police car. Step by step it is being equipped by other facilities.

The police in Milovice is capable of administrating procuration, stated by the laws, only in the area of the town (all cadastral districts). In other towns/villages it can administrate only on the basis of a statutory contract with valid law regulation. Currently there is no such contract concluded.

 1.       Activities which are reinsured by the police station

According to the § 2 of the law n. 553/1991, the police station of the town Milovice maintain local law and order:

  • A) it helps to provide security and safeness of people and property
  • B) it supervises the following of laws
  • C) it supervises the following of public notices of the town
  • D) it helps to provide security and fluency of transport  on roads
  • E) it helps to maintain local law and order and according to valid laws it helps to re - establish it in case of need
  • F) it takes part in the prevention of criminality in town
  • G) it supervises over the cleanness of  public areas of the town
  • H) it reveals transgressions and other law wrong - doings, which is in their competence
  • I) it administrates statistical information to the Ministry of the Interior (when asked to do so)

The main goals of the police station in Milovice (our priorities)

  • Parking - we try to maintain the proper function of traffic laws and their obedience
  • Vandalism - spraying, destruction of the town´s property
  • Keeping of public notices  - dog owners

 2.       How to contact us

No matter where the police officers are, it is possible to contact them at the:

It is also possible to contact the police officers from Monday - Friday from 7.00a.m. - 7.00p.m. at the police station, or in the area of the town.

You can find other contacts on the web pages of the town of Milovice under the link “Metropolitan police” http://policie.mesto-milovice.cz/. There you can find in the “Contacts” part contacts including the e - mail addresses of the police station and police officers themselves.

 3.       How the police station works

The service is held for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in which the police officers are split into four shifts. In each shift, there are three police officers. Shifts change every 12 hours.

From Monday to Friday from 7a.m. - 7p.m. the service is held in the following pattern. There is one police officer staying at the police station and two others who are in the terrain. The police officer staying at the police station takes care of the agenda, he deals with any requests or problems. At night from 7p.m. to 7a.m., on Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays there is a shift of two or three police officers (according to the needs).